HELO LX - Your health and fitness diagnostic laboratory wristband!

Helo LX

A Helo LX is an extraordinary innovative product that is soon expected to be used by hundreds of millions worldwide; as it has happened in case of smartphones.

This is the most developed health and biodata monitoring system built in a wristband.

You can see, measure, analyse, record, store and forward your physical data in real time using Helo LX.

Decrease stress, increase energy, and feel safe due to the effective assistance of Helo XL.

The market of smart devices has been completely altered by the company Wor(l)d Global.

Embedded in a wristband it is a health and bio-parameter monitoring device that is capable to perform measurements of numerous vital functions in real time, using soft-laser technology, through the tissues of the skin.
The measured data is then displayed on the screen of your smartphone, and can be forwarded and stored.
When the measured values exceed the lower or higher extreme set beforehand, your phone immediately will text a warning message together with the exact GPS coordinates, and by the means of Google Maps it reveals - for those who are eligible - the exact spot where the user of the band has got into trouble.

Its accuracy and effectiveness has been validated through laboratory tests.

The hypoallergenic wristband incorporates 3 germanium insertions of high purity. Germanium besides its painkiller effect and its impact that improves the quality of sleep, boosts the capacity of blood to absorb and pump oxygen more effectively.

An additional feature that female users will be likely to appreciate; from now on it is distributed together with 5 interchangeable wristbands of different colours.

The device is the product of Wor(l)d Global. Due to the news about the company, the product, the fact that it has been well-received and has its own perspectives; the share price of the company has been doubled this year.

A Helo LX cannot be purchased via traditional course of trade.
You can only buy it online; directly from the retailer company (Wor(l)d Global) for a very reasonable wholesale price.

Functions of Helo LX

Portable diagnostic devices soon will be part of our everyday life, just as mobile phones are. Evolution cannot be stopped. It is estimated that within a few years every fifth person will sport Helo LX on their wrists.

Basic functions
(Qualities smartwatches also have)

  • pulse meter
  • pedometer
  • calorie meter
  • distance covered
  • sleep monitor
  • compatible with iPhone
    and Android systems

Helo LX functions
Qualities only Helo LX has!

  • ECG measurement
  • blood pressure test
  • mood sensor
  • fatigue sensor
  • remote tracker
  • Panic button
  • GPS positioning
  • Natural germanium panels

Helo LX development
Further Helo LX innovations

  • blood sugar level tracker
    by soft-laser technology
  • blood haemoglobin level
  • blood oxygen level tracker
  • blood alcohol level tracker
  • body temperature measurement
  • ovulation tracker
  • heartbeat diagnostics
  • influenza forecast
  • mosquito repellence

The blood sugar level tracker function is expected to be available from the January 2018 (CES Las Vegas, NV - January 9-12, 2018) together with the other functions listed in column three. Meanwhile all the basic functions as well as the functions fulfilled exclusively by Helo LX are available without restraint.

Helo LX helps everyone


The health and safety of our family members is equally important for all of us. One of the most important features of Helo LX is its Panic button, which immediately texts a message or sends an email to the person(s) authorised beforehand. It also provides them with the GPS coordinates. If our beloved ones, our child or an elderly relative is exposed to danger, we will be alarmed at once, and will be able to help them without any delay.
In case of measuring values of vital body functions that are below or above the extreme values set beforehand, the device automatically sends the data to those entitled.
Helo LX always takes care of you if you yourself care enough!


You can do any kind of sports, Helo LX is capable to monitor your vital body functions continuously around the clock; providing an overall picture of the physical condition of your body.
It is an excellent device that enables you, your coach or your sports doctor to monitor and check on the changes of your health parameters during trainings and competitions. By analysing the values given, you will be able to promote your sports achievement.
Make the most of high technology to optimise your effort and get to the top.

People with Diabetes

Diabetes is now a disease that affects 371 million people worldwide, and 187 million of them do not even know they have the disease, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). People with diabetes have to use needles several times a day to track their blood sugar level and to inject insulin. Out of the daily 12 ‘needle-based’ application 8 is aimed to check their blood sugar level. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Helo LX is here to help you to track your blood sugar level without being forced to use needles; in a non-invasive way.
The data measured can be tracked with an application of your smartphone – via Bluetooth – and can be stored in a storage place in the cloud. The data can be shared with your GP or members of your family in a most simple way. Helo LX is cost-efficient, simple and reliable.

Businessmen Sensible to New Perspectives

There are numerous people with multiple needs who will benefit from this device. They are healthy people, people suffering from different diseases, sportspeople and doctors, naturopathic practitioners, pilots, coach-, and heavy-lorry drivers... and people who by marketing this extraordinary, extremely useful whereas affordable device would want to generate an additional income.
There is a huge commercial benefit awaiting for those who are ready to join a boom that introducing a revolutionary technical innovation will fuel. It is a privilege of few to be part of introducing an outstanding product to the European and to the world market.
You are offered that chance. Take it if you are ready.

Registration and purchase

Registration is free and you will be offered a recommendation link as soon as you have registered. However, if you do not activate your account within a spam of 7 days; that means that you do not purchase anything, your registration will be deleted.

When you push the button ’Order’ below, you will get access to the official website of the retailer company; Wor(l)d Global. You can register there pushing the ‘Join’ button, and then following the few steps offered, you can order the product.
There is a choice of packages (Personal, Friends, Family, Premium), presenting 1,2,4 and 6 pieces.

Delivery is arranged by Wor(l)d Global in 195 countries worldwide. The product is delivered by courier services.

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